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WOCOTOMADI works differently at two levels:

ü  Locally, we train young American about African culture (culinary arts, traditional clothing, fairy tales, crafts ...)

ü  Internationally, we use the result of local actions to help the needy people in developing countries. African countries are our beginning target.


In Africa our activities are about:


Free campaigns to take blood pressure

Sensitization campaigns on plagues

Help on the health training for needy



Help and support to abandoned and poor children to pursuit with education

Help to improve school infrastructures that are old or broken

Popularization of NITC (New Information Technology of Communication)


·Community development

·Activities to promote autonomy in vulnerable groups




P.O. Box 1204 New Bedford, MA 02740 - USA

Tél. : +1 617 953 4431

         +1 508 740 5822

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Website: www.wocotomadi.org