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Our Mission


"fight against high blood pressure in underserved people living in remote villages"


For several years, Ms. Julienne SIWE Ngongang has continued to devote most of her time thinking about the opportunity to show her esteem for the marginalized and those around her. The primary mission is helping the vulnerable, fight against extreme poverty, fight against hunger, fight against HIV / AIDS and other pandemics;
The main task is to define an ambitious plan to improve living conditions: assistance, health, education.
Referring to the action plan and research developed by other international organizations like the UN , the UNDP , WHO , the FAO , supplemented by socio-economic policies of States and Governments, Ms.
Julienne SIWE Ngongang has quickly understood the importance of this mission and brought together around her women and men of good will to create a large International Association, The World Coming Together to Make a Difference "  WOCOTOMADI  " with headquarters in Boston, MA (United States ).